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War Robots Hack

War Robots Hack Review – But What About The Game Itself?


Pixonic’s War Robots is like a cream of the creams. This fighting game published and updated in December 2017 provides a full range of gameplay which will suck you like a black hole!


The main conceptual core of the product is multiplayer packed with pace and action with mech style battleground. First of all, in the beginning, you get the weapon and of course – the robot.


You have absolute freedom with unlocking robots and weapons and use them in the online battle with other real people. Amazing system and things like mechs, guns, missiles and action, action, action! Trash the battlefield with giant mech monster and try to get out of your phone…




Tutorial, mechanic and more in War Robots




There is not too much tutorial. The game simply gives you the mech, options and “To Battle” button. Holding a button a lot. Remember this words. Straight Forward action from the beginning. Ignoring the other things like options and dive into gameplay – that’s what I do.


Everyone in the first fight will be named “Player”. Some matches last long, some are last short. Depend on the level of your opponent and other factors. After several fights, I change my name and proceed to join a few other fights and other maps. This way you should use War Robots Hack.


Great Rewards and I can buy a new mech and weapons. And from there we are heading into question – what kind of currency the game provides? There are two kinds of currencies. In-game currency allowing you to buy some kind of new mechs/weapons and premium one which gives you the possibility to unlock extremely powerful slots, guns, and what is much more important ability to upgrade weapon instantly.


Worth to tell that game will provide you with a little amount of currency for Free. With our War Robots Hack, however, you can generate an instant amount of Free Coins. We will talk about it later.


On three maps you can see Battlefield and another shooter. Destroying other mechs is the main reason for our mission. You can win by two ways – destroying it or capture all of the points. You choose, you win or lose!


Remember – you can upgrade your mech at any time. Premium robots are much stronger and you can buy as much of them as you want. Our War Robots Hack gives you a new way to get as much as you want. The game allowing you to bring all the mechs into battle in your pocket.


So Let’s say one of new mech gets smashed you can replace it with new rather leave the current mission. The other important thing to remember is that if you kill an enemy mech it can respawn in a different robot and he can be stronger than ever. Killing enemy five times in a row? And every time he is stronger. Yes, it a nightmare…


Damages, Graphic and Immersion


War Robots is a fully destructible product. This means your mech has an unfortunate ability to loos legs and arms. What is more – losing legs will make you slow as a turtle and looking like a duck sitting in a corner. Damages to your arms result with malfunction.


Also, your jet jumping can be damaged: When it happened, an icon is formally shattered. After destruction to your robot is done you can safely eject from the mech and re-enter battle as the new Mech pilot.


The Beginning of the Gameplay


How we really started in the War Robots? The open is pretty simple and what you should do next after start playing? Just play with options and change your signature name. Then battleground shows up and you need to pick up a clever strategy to fight and upgrade with common sense.


Remember you will need a lot of hard cash currency to dominate your opponents in full spectrum. For sure game balance players and abilities but there will come a time when you face a guy rich as fuck with mech stronger than hulk himself..then it comes. Our perfect solution with currency generator!


Worth to remember that game is working both on Android and iOS. A lot of great fun with fight and battleground full of enemies. The gap of terrific multiplayer game fills it fully for all players. Of course, we can see several bad things like slots don’t fill up or physic is not entirely fleshed out. But overall you need to probe it!






The verdict will be one. Incredible product with 28 battle robots and different strengths (and weaknesses), 20 weapons types (ballistics, plasma guns, missiles) a lot of combination and strategy. Competing with a lot of strong rivals around the world.


Right now deathmatch is back and many of the maps are right now unpredictable. Stunning graphics and design of heroes like for an android game. The environment looks pretty amazing. Job did!



– Multiplayer, the portable mech game


+ A lot of players involved in online games


+ Customization options and features




– Sometimes slots don’t fill up


– A little pay-to-win issue, but with our War Robots hack apk – no problem!


Score: 4.5/5



War Robots Hack apk Review

Do you really need this solution? Free Silver and Gold for War Robots will get you into the first front of a player. Remember – you can have a lot of great win ration in the beginning.


But you meet the first guy with technology which destroys your mech and takes it all. You need to prepare yourself and our War robots hack 2018 provide it.


The core of the Solution


Do you really think – how it’s working? How the gold and silver is generated on our website? The answer is rather simple. You connect with our database and we connect with the game database.


We then install a probing system and extract data. Then we add Gold and Silver into your account via in-build scripts with advanced anti-ban technologies like Anti-Ban Shield or Proxy Generator.


Why do you need this? This War Robots generator has secured all data and info regarding your system and personal data. You will not lose anything. It’s going to provide you with a lot of great fun to generate it!


Summary – Great Solution!


This is the absolutely Great solution for your gameplay. Our war robots hack pc
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War Robots Hack tool
War Robots Hack tool
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